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Toilet Partition - Innovation 2000 - System 2004

Laminated HMR Particle Board or HD3 Board

System 2004 toilet, frontals floor to ceiling

Specification (2004)

All partitions and doors of pre-laminated MR particle board, exposed surfaces edged with 2mm thick PVC edging of matching colour.

  • Frontals: Natural anodised aluminium 33mm thick, fixed to floor and ceiling and including door rebates to ceiling and bottom 200mm with rounded snap on sections to floor.
  • Nibs: Natural anodised aluminium 33mm thick fixed to walls by means of natural anodised aluminium channel and extending from floor to ceiling.
  • Partitions: 18mm thick, 1600mm or 1800mm high plus 200mm off floor, fixed to rear of frontals with natural anodised aluminium coved channel and at wall with square edged natural anodised aluminium channel.
  • Doors: 18mm thick, 1600mm or 1800mm high plus 200mm off floor. Frontal and Nibs with Privacy/Door stops rebate gives increased privacy.
  • Door Furniture: Consists of Building Plastics Satin Chrome or Stainless Steel Gravity Hinges, Indicator, Bolt, Staple and Coat Hook.
  • Colours: MUST be selected from Laminex commercial palette range.