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Toilet Partition - Series A1

Laminated HMR Particle Board

Series A1 toilet, floor mounted and overhead braced
All panels 18mm thick


All panels of pre-laminated M.R. particle board, exposed surfaces edged with 2mm thick ABS edging of matching colour.

  • Frontals: 18mm thick, 1800mm high plus 200mm of floor. Frontals supported on natural anodized aluminium box legs.
  • Nibs: Nibs set in natural anodized aluminium channel fixed to walls. Nibs and Frontals overhead braced with natural anodized aluminium channel and snap in insert over door heads.
  • Partitions: 18mm thick, 1600mm high plus 200mm off floor, fixed to walls with natural anodized aluminium channels and rear of frontals with special natural anodized aluminium coved channels.
  • Doors: 18mm thick, 1600mm high plus 200mm off floor.
  • Door Furniture: Consists of Building Plastics Satin Chrome or Stainless Steel Gravity Hinges, Indicator, Bolt, Staple, Coat Hook & Door Bumper.
  • Colours: MUST be selected from Laminex Commercial Palette range flint finish.